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Who is Nostro Studio?

Nostro Studio was born in Barcelona in mid 2008 with the launch of the iPhone 3GS worldwide. Four dreamers leave their agencies and jobs to begin the adventure of becoming one of the first Specialized Applications Development Studies in Spain.


In 2011, and after some changes in shareholders, offices are also opened in São Paulo and Murcia. From then until now, after 10 years of travel, we have developed more than 500 digital projects and achieved a high knowhow in almost all sectors of the market hardly equitable. We have also become technological partners of some of the best advertising agencies and technology companies.


Today we continue to count on the majority of clients that trusted us in our beginnings and we continue offering them the best technological solutions.


At the end of 2017 Nostro began an integration process with Prestigia, allowing it to offer its customers, in addition to mobile solutions and technological developments, the main digital marketing and communication services. Both commercial brands will be maintained once the merger of both Agencies has been completed.

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Our staff is crazy about tech, no really. In day to day life and in work tech is there at all times. We believe that in order to create something, one must live that reality first.


We are multi-language too! French, Portuguese, English, German, Catalan, Spanish… and that’s why our deliveries are always so creative and original 😉


Usability is the cream de la cream of app interface. Our creation is fully focused in guaranteeing that the user fully explores the app and understands the goals of it.


Well, we are an office that is open all hours! Between São Paulo and Barcelona we use the timezones at our advantage so from a brunch to a happy hour we are always available!

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